Early Neutering

All of Britain's rescues are permanently full of unwanted cats because of one reason only. Owners still aren't being responsible and neutering their cats early, by the age of 5 months. Some vets will neuter as young as 4 months, such as Vets 4 Pets in Sunderland, but most will make people wait until 6 months. This unfortunately can mean the queen becoming pregnant before she is spayed if she is let outdoors and queens can be in heat at 18 weeks.An unspayed queen can be responsible for up to 20,000 offspring in her lifetime. There is no reason for a queen to have a litter, in fact it is traumatic for her to go through this. Rescues are full of unwanted cats, which were once kittens. Neutering your kitten early and keeping it indoors before the neuter will mean no extra kittens. If your vet wont neuter until 6 months, Vets4pets in Sunderland/Durham will neuter at 4 months and will advise you that early neutering is easier and safer. CPL can help people on benefit with the neutering, but you should think carefully before you take on any animal that you can financially afford a lifetime of commitment.

Available Cats


The huge overpopulation of cats has been produced simply because people dont have their cats neutered. The sad fact of this society is that kittens are produced in abundance and so often passed around like toys to families with small children. When the female is about 4 months old the cute factor has worn off and she is discarded and mostly will spend her life pregnant on the street, or passed onto the next family. There are only a few kittens who can cope with small children, the rest are left terrified being hunted by the children and often the kittens are left permanently traumatized. A child needs to be a child, but kittens are rarely comfortable in this environment, they need to be cherished and cared for not hiding and petrified. Willows rescues so many of these unfortunate creatures, as people dont want them when the novelty value has worn off and by then the damage has been done to the kitten. The kittens will then grow into skittish and nervous cats who are very difficult to home through no fault of their own. It is nature and nurture which will produce a well balanced and happy cat. These cats then need a quiet and special home, as they cant cope with a noisy and a busy household, quiet homes are in short supply. People ooh and ahh at kittens, but who will think about the poor mother who has produced them and had no life. The lucky ones end up in a rescue, the rest live at risk each day. IF YOU HAVE SMALL CHILDREN, PLEASE HAVE A THOUGHT ABOUT THE ANIMAL YOU WILL LOOK AFTER AND RECOGNISE A KITTEN WILL OFTEN THAN NOT SUFFER BADLY. NEXT TIME YOU SEE A KITTEN, HAVE A THOUGHT ABOUT THE MOTHER, AS SHE WAS ONCE ONE OF THOSE KITTENS AND NOW IS UNWANTED. ALWAYS ADOPT, NEVER BUY.

Casper Rag Doll


Casper is a 2 years old microchipped and vaccinated Rag Doll. He was originally bought to be bred from, purely to make money without any care for the cat. Casper was made to live outdoors and when introduced to the inside, it took a little time for him to adjust. He is now neutered and is looking for a mature home without any children or other pets and he must have access to outdoors in a safe area. He has a few issues regarding trust and needs a person who has experience with cats who will respect his boundaries and is happy to work slowly with him to build his confidence. He would not be happy being left for long hours all day, he has had a bad start to his life but is optimistic about his future.



ANY INTEREST IN PEARL, PLEASE CALL SUSAN 0752 3047234. Petite Pearl has been living rough outdoors for so long. She is about 3 to 4 years old, glossy black with a small white tuft of fur on her chest. Pearl loves to nest on laps and head butts for attention, she loves her igloo bed and enjoys playing with a fishing rod. Pearl does have boundaries which need respecting and this can be discussed with anyone interested in her. She will make a great companion, in a mature home. Pearls ideal home is without children and other pets and would she like outdoor access.



Nancy has a very strong personality and is looking for a human who is happy to be owned by her. Nancy is looking for a mature home with no children or other pets and she will always be the only cat in the home. She must have outdoor access and allowed to be a free spirit. In return Nancy will bring so much fun to your home, happiness and love. She must be able to do what she wants to do and never feel suffocated, she is a quirky little miss who is desperate for her own home. She is quite dog like and obedient and will make a great pet with someone who doesnt want a needy cat.



Roly is a very affectionate cat who was living rough for so long that his black hair turned brown. He was found very thin and covered in scabs, due to flea allergy dermatitis which is common in cats but very easy to prevent. He really loves humans and will roll on his back to please them and show his affection. He is a lovely boy, looking for a small child free home with outdoor access and some love and kindness after suffering deprivation.



Clarence is looking for a quiet and mature home, where there will never be any children or pets. He is nearly blind, which maybe due to him being born with defective sight or a lack of taurine in his diet when young. Lack of taurine in a cats diet can lead to severe health repercussions, including blindness. This is why feeding your cat on a good quality diet is important. Buying cheaper brands of cat food also means the protein levels are low and they are bulked out with cereals for cheapness, cereal is not part of a cats natural diet and this also includes wheat which is a known irritant to the bowel. Clarence therefore requires a settled and mature home with one or two humans, who will understand his needs. He is extremely affectionate and would like his humans to be around a lot of the time. He will learn how to navigate around the furniture, which will need to be kept in the same place and he will most definitely need to be a house cat as he is extremely vulnerable. PLEASE DO NOT ENQUIRE ABOUT HIM OUT OF PITY IF YOU CANNOT FULFILL HIS NEEDS, AS HE DOES NEED A SPECIFIC SETTLED HOME.



Trudie is a young and stunning lady who has a huge amount of love to give to her human. She is a lap cat, so will make a lovely companion and she loves human attention. She will enjoy outdoor access and will make a fabulous addition to any home.


It sadly seems today that it is fashionable to collect cats, or various animals in one household. Sadly it rarely works and sadly the animal suffers every time. Cats dont like living in groups, the more cats in one home, the higher the percentage of behavioural problems. Some of the behavioural problems in cats are inappropriate toileting, over grooming, bullying, spraying even in neutered cats. People just dont understand that cats are complicated creatures and have feline needs which are often not met. Keeping cats indoors when they desperately want to go outdoors, not providing stimulation when they arent allowed out, feeding too much food which the cats eat as they are bored. Willows takes in many cats which have suffered through this type of home, or where people decide to bring a dog into the home and the cat often than not suffers. People are going to breeders who breed animals purely for money, therefore funding the reason to treat animals as cash cows. It is a throw away culture we live in and unfortunately the pets are part of this. People acquire them because they can, just like a mobile phone. Too many people want another animal for themselves and cant see the negative impact upon the animal they already have and the suffering they go through. Before you think about taking on another animal, have a thought about the ones you already have and the fact that these animals are indeed animals and not humans. Too many people treat their pets especially dogs as humans, this doesnt make for a happy pet. PLEASE ADOPT, DO NOT BUY AND PLEASE DONT ANIMAL COLLECT AS THERE IS SO MUCH SUFFERING GOING ON IN MULTI ANIMAL HOMES.


Every winter hundreds of rabbits die of hyperthermia outdoors, as their owners arent aware of the important need of keeping them warm. In the wild rabbits live deep underground in burrows huddled together, where each others body warmth keeps them from freezing to death. Living alone outside with little protection is impossible to maintain the correct body temperature. Insulation is vital with huge amounts of hay needed to help the rabbit stay alive, but the best solution is to have the hutch indoors in very cold weather. Pieces of carpet and thick layers of dry paper, provide excellent insulation in their sleeping compartment as well as hay for burrowing into. Hay is expensive when bought at a supermarket or a pet shop and going to a local farm, or perhaps sourcing it online is a much cheaper alternative. In adverse weather water freezes quickly and daily checks must be made on the water supply. For free advice or suggestions on rabbit welfare, please call Maria 0191 4568511.

Willows Grooming Service

Many long coated cats require help with their coats and often it is very difficult to keep them looking good. We recommend that long haired cats are regularly clipped especially in the Springtime, for not only their overall comfort but to reduce the hairball problem which they often have. For a high class grooming service, please contact Maria on 0191 4568511.


Hay is vital in a rabbits diet and 80 percent of fresh meadow hay is ideal. They have delicate digestive systems and fruit should only be given in tiny amounts as treats, such as an odd grape or strawberry. Too much fruit can give them diarrhoea. Carrot, broccoli, cabbage and kale are good vegetables to feed and a high quality dry food in small portions. Never feed multi colour dry pet shop food as this is like a cheap takeaway for humans, it is very bad for their bowel and health. Putting a large thick branch in their living quarters is ideal to keep their teeth worn down. Equally important is the freedom they should have to run around and not be incarcerated in a small hutch. Any advice can be given by Willows.